As a serving member of the NATO Forces or NATO personnel, you are entitled to a special price on a new Land Rover.

You're free to choose from the full Land Rover range – as well as listing a specification appropriate for the country of your current or next posting.

Taking advantage of this programme is made easy through a dedicated sales team on hand to help you with everything from choosing your vehicle to delivery.

Contact your Land Rover dealer to find out more.


- Available to all serving members of NATO Forces and NATO Personnel

- Access to the complete Land Rover range

- Factory Direct NATO Forces Concessionary Pricing

- Produced to the specification of the country of your current or next posting

- Dedicated Sales Specialists to assist you with your purchase


- Those currently on, or taking, a NATO posting outside of their normal country of residence 

- Those who work at Supreme Headquarters (NATO Brussels) or Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), Mons, Belgium or Allied Joint Force Command (JFC) Naples, Italy. 

- NATO troops on exchange posting 

- And those who hold a current NATO / SHAPE / Visiting Forces / Exchange ID Card


All new Land Rovers come complete with the following After Sales benefits:

- Global 3-year unlimited mileage warranty

- Overseas Support available through the International Land Rover dealer network 

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